Meet The Brewers...
Dieu du Ciel!

Dieu du Ciel! (Oh my God!)

Founding their world famous brewpub in 1998 the two brewing scientists, Stephane Ostiguy, Jean-Francois Gravel already had a reputation brewing for great beer. With the help of brewing pilot and co founder Isabelle Charbonneau all of them opened their production brewery in St Jerome 2008. The best part of this is now we can now buy many of their amazing beers in Western Canada. If you’re ever in Montréal a visit to their famous brewpub is a must.


Microbrasserie Charlevoix (Charlevoix Microbrewery)
Since expanding into a brand new brewery in 2009 under the guidance of owner Frédérick Tremblay and Belgian brewer Nicolas Marrant, Charlevoix has quickly become
one of Canada’s and the world’s best breweries.


Charlevoix is unique in that they brew two distinct beer line-ups. Their North American influenced La Vache Folle
(“The crazy or mad cow”) line up and a Belgian influenced lineup Dominus Vobiscum (“The Lord be with you”, in Latin). Charlevoix makes outstanding beers no matter
what the influence.


Le Trou du Diable

Le Trou du Diable (“The Devil’s Hole”)

For visitors to Quebec this is one of the world’s best brewpubs. Le Trou du Diable is one of those rare places where the beer, the food and the ambience make up a perfect equilateral triangle. The brewery is currently in expansion mode with added barrel rooms for more of brewer André Trudel’s imaginative treats. Although we would like to bring their brewpub to Western Canada we can only occasionally bring their great beers at this time.